reasons i shouldn’t go to parties

aside from the gross fetishization of black people, particularly queer black womyn, that i have to expect to dominate the dance floor, the party i just went to was a going away party where you were to dress like the girl who was moving so this meant a lot of cis straight men wearing dresses and slutty lingerie. as if that wasn’t bad enough, this one dude was flirting w some chick while wearing this dress and he starts screaming "put your penis in my vagina!!!!’ 

it makes me incredibly uncomfortable that there are so many straight cis men in this town who are either friends w queers or ~punk~ and therefor think it’s subversive or like fucking allyship to appropriate queer culture/fashion. these straight cis men are perfectly comfortable doing things that my amab queer friends don’t feel safe doing all the time, like painting their nails or wearing 100 earrings or fucking pink leopard print velvet bellbottoms (wish i was making this up). it’s one thing to be a femme cis straight man (if there really are such people, ya’ll are doing a horrible job being my ally/collecting yr folx) but it’s another thing entirely to like take these things and put them on your body cuz LOL BRO no one will question yr gender/sexuality and if they do you have to say no but i’m straight like really straight. 

it sucks that the things that make me and my friends targets are the jokes that privileged people have the space to make.

angry and anonymous, i take my complaints to the world wide web. will my anti-exploits bring about the utter destruction of this horrible horrible place? unfortunately not, but i can try. i must try.

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